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Kate Nash

Kate Nash OBE is building a network of networks across the UK. She innovates by creating workshops and training for disabled people at work – they are creating a new conversation about disabled talent.

Kate drives three things:

  • Collaborations
  • New thoughts
  • Fresh direction

When Kate left Radar as Chief Executive in 2007 she had a bit of an idea.  For nearly 20 years she had done much to support employers in their journey of disability confidence.  She had also worked with many disability organisations, many of them user-led - supporting disabled people in their journey to become confident citizens, well informed of their rights. And she did her bit to extend those rights too.

So she asked employers what would be most helpful in the next stage of their journey and they all mentioned two things. The need to stimulate and develop well-run disability networks AND the need to support their own disabled people to ask for the workplace adjustments they need.

So she creates the products and services delivered by Kate Nash Associates designed to tackle both. She creates partnerships with leading experts to deliver exceptional learning and development workshops through in-house and open programmes.

Kate lives by her life’s mission to help employers to routinely anticipate, expertly accommodate and positively celebrate its disabled talent. 

Read more about Kate's work here.