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Kate Nash Associates

We are the world’s leading authority in how to set up successful Disabled Employee Networks and Resource Groups and the fastest growing provider of quality personal and career development training for disabled employees. Our mission is to create disability confident organisations from the inside, out – by providing advice in how to set up, or refresh, networks and by delivering first-class personal effectiveness training. We have created a unique and fast-growing network of talented disabled employees across the UK, focused on their career development, so... 

Business leader messages

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  • "Disabled Employee Networks are integral to an organisation achieving disability confidence. They enable the sharing of best practice. They empower disabled staff enabling them to air and share views."
    Susan Scott-Parker, Business Disability Forum
  • "The purpose of the network is to engage with all our employees and show they are valued, whilst at the same time empowering them through the network to make a significant contribution to how the business operates."
    Richard Thwaite, UBS
  • "Treating our people as individuals is vital to the success of our diversity and business strategy. To learn from disabled people, business must listen, and the creation of disabled staff networks is a highly effective way to do so."
    Tim Matthews, Remploy
  • "Valuing diversity increases employee engagement, commitment and loyalty, positively impacting on our business. Disabled Employee Networks add enormous value to engaging our employees"
    Mark Fisher, Lloyds Banking Group
  • "Networks are just simply a great idea to roll out the message that we take our disabled talent very seriously indeed."
    Robin Heath, EY
  • "We aim to create an environment within which all of our people can flourish. The Network supports this in a practical way, by enabling individuals to share experiences, and identify solutions."
    Mike Betts, Motability Operations
  • "Networks enable knowledge, expertise and goodwill to flow more freely, inside and outside of what we previously considered 'boundaries'. Organisations that understand this will tap into the vast potential that exists out there and create significant competitive advantage."
    Richard Tyrie, GoodPeople
  • "Members of our network group are not only our colleagues but our customers as well. They advise us on the service that customers with disabilities value and have helped us to design our new global disability training, Fly-ability. "
    Val Brandon, British Airways

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